Global Blockchain Summit announces Will Madden

Will Madden – CEO & Founder of bridge21

Mr. Madden will be leading a panel discussion on blockchain technology at the Global Blockchain Summit, October 19 and 20 in
Golden, Colo. His company, bridge21, enables individuals and small businesses to send money anywhere in the world and store it in any currency with their computer or mobile phone. Bridge 21 connects the world’s banking systems using cryptocurrency and creates fast, efficient global money movement.

Prior to launching bridge21, Mr.Madden was the Sr. Director of Global Prepaid for Western Union  and was responsible for launching prepaid programs in Germany, Austria, UK, Philippines and India. He expanded US infrastructure and integrated major 3rd party point of sale networks in several countries.

In addition, he was responsible for designing, developing and launching new financial products, C-level negotiations, financial platform and technology assessments, and front and back end design. He managed a team responsible for Product Delivery in EU & CIS, APAC, MEA, and the America and has extensive experience addressing and preventing fraud and systemic issues and adjusting and maintaining product compliance with numerous regulations globally.

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