Global Blockchain Summit Announces Randall Pires

Randall helps to seed, grow, cultivate, and scale the blockchain ecosystem. Blockchain Ecosystem Advisors has proven leaders in blockchain, and emerging techs. From startups to enterprise architecture, security compliance, startups, executive education we have done it all. Our solutions are reinforced with tomorrow’s understanding of AI’s Deep Learning and Big Data to make the whole ecosystem more intelligent. We are here to serve new, and existing businesses by helping them understand blockchain technologies, and develop a strategy to market utilization, and growth. Think of it like starting a garden in your own backyard, then community size garden, then co-op farmer size. Blockchains have many moving parts. Let us help you plant, and grow yours today!!

Randall’s Advisory/Mentor/Leadership Role:
– Government Blockchain Association: Lead for Americas, Chairman of Board of Advisors – Chapters, Board of Advisors – Working Groups, Board of Advisors – Communities of Interests
– SupPorter
– Monetizr
– Javvy
– Georgia Blockchain Coalition

Randall’s current projects:
– Blocnets : world’s first commercially available supply chain on the blockchain, military grade
– Provide Technologies : the easy button for blockchain development
– Cyber Miners : co-lo hosting entry-mid level mining farms
– SupPorter : donations for political campaigns and non-profit fundraising on the blockchain
– Energine : humanity’s first and only all alternative energy blockchain company for crypto-mining

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