Global Blockchain Summit Announces James Barry

The changing focus of Blockchains and Crypto Currencies.  Over the past year the meaning of a  “Blockchain” has changed as many chains become focused on solving a business problem and crypto currencies outside of the top few struggle to get adoption.  What does the emergence of “Off Chain” applications and “Composable Blockchains” made of disparate parts do to the original distributed idea of a Blockchain?  Does a “Blockchain” application have to all be from a single entity like Ethereum, or will each applied application be composed of parts emerging from many software companies and Open Source projects? James will discuss the idea of what a “Blockchain” will mean in 2020 and beyond.  
James’ Bio
James is the Co-Founder and CTO of Taekion, a blockchain based cybersecurity company.  Currently in development, Taekion is funded by two separate US government agency innovation grants.  James has been active in attempting to standardize blockchain components using his experience from working on several technical standards including XMPP, Enterprise Java, HTTP, HTML, and HR-XML.  James is a software innovator including Webservers (Resnova), Java Application servers (WebSphere), Developer Tools (Subversion) as well as being active in Open Source (Co-writer of the Apache Foundation license and bylaws.  As product owner and setting vision he has started from scratch to build multibillion dollar sales of software and cloud products.  Companies he has cofounded or been an executive in have been acquired by Microsoft, Cisco, Best Buy and private equity.

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