Author: Kelly Ireland


Global Blockchain Summit Announces Paul Thanos

Paul is the Director, Office of Finance and Insurance Industry for the U.S. Department of Commerce.  Paul is responsible for developing and executing policy, analysis, and promotion initiatives for the International Trade Administration pertaining to finance and insurance, trade and project finance, impact investing, and access to finance. Goals include […]


Global Blockchain Summit Announces Gerard Dache

Gerard is a Portfolio Manager and has three organizations in his portfolio. One company provides consulting services to large organizations and the other business provides support to individuals who want to start a business. Gerard also leads an industry association called Blockchain professionals. He travels all over the world speaking […]


Denver Blockchain Week

Consider all of the great connections that you will make at Denver Blockchain Week! Blockchain In today’s global environment, the ability to put the Front Range corridor on the map (including Denver, Boulder & Colorado Springs) for all things blockchain is imperative.